Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Endangered Animal Publication Crit

The Crit.
For this crit we needed to bring mock ups of our publication so car, and mock ups of how we are going to package it, this is so that we can get the opinions of our peers so that we can move forward with it. We were put into groups, and we had an allotted time to go through each of our publications and how we are going to bind them, and package them. We then went around our group and commented on the strengths, weaknesses and considerations for each of their publications and packaging.

My Feedback.
  • The net you have chosen to package your final pages is engaging and interactive. +3
  • Good continuity between your spreads.
  • Great alternative binding technique, appropriate for endangered species. +3
  • Binding is interesting and attractive, no glue makes it more environmentally friendly. +1
  • Love the binding, it is different and unique, it will enhance content by engaging with audience.
  • Would consider splitting the body copy into two columns as the line length could be too long for the eye to follow. +1
  • Remove hyphenation. +2
  • Change the cover it looks too much like 'FA' unfortunately. +1
  • Cover looks like EA sports.
  • Drop your own photographs from the zoo where possible, these will probably be a higher quality. +1 - As long as they are good enough.
  • Could add a coloured filter over your own photos to keep them consistent.
  • Perhaps refine the logo for the front page as it does look like 'FA' at the moment.
  • Consider altering margins - when the audience hold the book, their thumb may cover content etc. try this physically. +3
  • Page numbers is your including a content page.
  • You could do the front logo so that the E and A overlap and link together, possibly use different colours? +1
  • Does your publication need a logo yet? Or at all? - This could be something you focus on the next part of the brief.
I got a lot from this crit, I thought that it worked really well and all of the feedback I received was constructive and will help me with my brief. I will be looking into my front cover and changing that, maybe just showing it as 'Endangered Animals' rather than 'EA'. I also need to consider that the body copy may be too close to the edge, which will be hard for people to read. I think that I have a lot of information that I need to fit into my publication, therefore I may need make the actual size of the publication larger. I will definitely be removing the hyphenation in my copy as I don't like it, and neither does anyone else.

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