Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Personal Branding - October 2014

Personal Branding Pack.
October 2014.
I decided to I need to produce a small promotional pack that I will be able to give to studios. This is because I really don't like my second year personal branding pack. The pink was too garish and bold, I want to use a colour that is more neutral for me. I think that producing a pack actually for studios will come out a lot better than a pack produced just for self promotion.  I wanted my pack to leave in studios or to hand out to studios to tell them a bit out me. 

I have been leaving one of these packs with studios after every visit that I have done. They have really appreciated the fact that I have left these with them, they said that it was really nice to have something to keep with them after I had been. This is something that I have found works really well and makes people remember you. This is something I wanted to continue doing becasue as well as showing things about me as a designer, it also shows a lot about me as a person, which is something that I think is important.

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