Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Online Presence

Online Presence.
For my online presence all year I have been uploading things to my behance, to get my work out there. This has been successful as Ian Anderson from The Designers Republic saw my Wide Eyed branding and asked if I wanted to come for a visit to his studio from this. Therefore I think that I will try keep up to date with my behance for the future, although there are a few briefs that need to go up there, but as I have been so busy on the lead up to hand in, I will do this after hand in and get it back up to date again. This would also be a form of my portfolio, an online digital portfolio. My website is also something that is taking a lot longer than expected, I have produced mock ups for it. Although I don't think that I will be going off these for my website as I would like it to be slightly more simple than this and less cluttered. This will go live just before the end of year show, as I will have my website domain in there for my website, and I don't want people to go on and there to be nothing there.



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