Thursday, 21 May 2015

Personal Branding - May 2015

Personal Branding.
May 2015.
I decided that I liked what I produced earlier this year for my personal branding, although there are a few little things that I would change, my logo needs slight adapting, maybe losing the pattern, also changing some of the information on my personal CV and my contact information as I know have a website work in progress and a new email address as I will no longer be a student anymore.
The new pack is very similar to the old one with a few alterations of my information, adding the placement which I have done. Also having stationery that goes with it, although this is specifically used for just the hand in. For example the folder will be used to hold my project file, all of the information about the briefs that I have done this year including the evaluations. Also the disc has my digital portfolio on it for hand in, just to show what it would look like.

Other than this I am happy with the promotional pack that I have made this year, I think that it works well with studios, also it represents me very well. I have also produced mock ups for the website I am going to produce, although this is something that I need to make live before the end of year show, this is a priority of mine now, also the end of year show itself!

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