Thursday, 2 April 2015

Glenelg Placement Day 4

Glenelg Placement.
Day 4.
During the fourth day on my placement at Glenelg I spent it helping the animator James with a pitch that they are doing on the 20th April, and doing finishing touches onto the animation that I have made for the presentations about RedTag. This is something as I have said I am not able to put online. We also went out for lunch today, they treated me to this to say thank you for having me, this was greatly appreciated and I was happy to be there.

The entire experience at Glenelg has been amazing, I have learnt so much form doing this, I have also gained a lot of knowledge of the industry, and working in a more commercial way with real clients that aren't freelance work. I know now after working here that I really want to work in a studio, with a group of people, it is in this kind of work environment that I thrive in and love being a part of. I have made a lot more connections from doing this placement, for example I will be visiting fdb Design later on in the month, people who I was introduced to at Glenelg. Also I have met a lot of people from the industry that have asked me to keep in touch. This is really exciting. I am happy to put this onto my CV and so pleased that I came and that there was so much for me to get involved in, in the studio.

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