Saturday, 10 January 2015

Contacting Studios

Contacting Studios
Level 5.
At the end of level 5 I was not happy with my personal branding, I wanted to produce something a bit different in the summer, something that would work better with me. I also wasn't happy with the work that I would be sending off as my portfolio.

Level 6.
Therefore at the start of level six I decided to re-do my personal branding so that I would have something that I was proud of to send to studios. This is what I have done. I have also started to work on my portfolio more so that I will have work in there that I like and enjoy talking about.

What I have learnt.
What I have learnt throughout PPP is that all studios are different and there isn't a blanket was to contact them all. Each studio will react to something different. I think that most important thing about contacting a studio, is make sure that you know the history and the information about the studio, do your research. Sending them examples of your work that is related to work that they produce will give you an edge over other people as they will see that you have done your homework, and that you will work in a similar way to them. Creating a general promotional pack is a good start for me, but I have found that if I am really interested in a studio and want to work with them, I should be producing something more personal to them, something that shows I am serious about working with them.

  • UNIT
  • Hungry Sandwich Club
  • Robot Food
  • Elmwood
  • ABT Creative
  • Studio MIKMIK
  • Creative Spark
  • We Are Vast
  • Turn Key
  • Studio One
  • Analogue
  • Studio Raygun
  • Hallmark
I have a list of studios that I am wanting to contact, although I think that this list will grow as I researching more and learning more about the studios that will suit me. Each studio will require a different cover letter and some will only need to get in contact via email, others will need more than this. This is something that is done through research into the studios them self.

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