Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Neubau Talk

Five years in the forest. (2009-2014)
Stephan Gandal
Christopher Grindberger
Benjamin Gantt

First album bought was 'Help!' by The Beatles, he decided to design his own vinyl cover for it.
This is when he started to enjoy type and the beginning of developing typefaces.
Moved to Vienna in 1989-1995.
Got a lot of inspiration from letraset.
Neubau studio formed in Berlin centre.
Postscript exhibition Neubau 55 typeface.

Neubau welt - vector illustrations
Developing more detailed illustrations
Using over 80,000 anchor points.

Neubau Modul.
2039 Grids and Patterns (2005-2007)
Found out that you have have that many anchor points in an illustrator file.

Neubau (ism) (2008).
Creating an exhibition of both books.

Neubau forst. (2009-2014)
20 designers, 60 months, 39,000 hours.
684 trees and tree modules.
Making of the book...
Found the trees through referring to the anchor points in the name Neubau. 72 anchor points.
The book creates awareness of things changing through time and space.
The numbers next to the trees in the book are code for each individual tree, height and season.

I am really interested in the two previous books that Neubau have published, Neubau Welt and Neubau Modul. These are two books I am interested in looking into and looking at. Although looking online to buy them I have found that they are really expensive, this is becasue there has only been one run of the books therefore the book Neubau Modul which I was looking to buy is about £315. This is slightly too expensive to buy, but I will keep looking as I really appreciate vector illustration, as it is the way in which I work.

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