Monday, 26 January 2015

Wide-Eyed Brief - Part 2

Wide-Eyed Part 2.
The Brief.
The owner of Wide-Eyed Records called Oscar is wanting more doing for his brand. He is wanting merchandise creating for his employees, and for some of the general public interested in his music. He is also wanting launch posters to promote his first night under his new label name. There are many different things that he would like for this brief, some of which I will be able to produce myself, and others which will need printing externally.

  • Lighters - Both black and white
  • Dart flights - Both black and white, at least 10 sets of each.
  • Mug - One 
  • IPhone cases - Both for an Iphone5 and IPhone4 - in black and white
  • Beanies - Both grey and black
  • Hoodies - Both grey and black
  • Business Cards - More for the owner himself, plus three other employees
  • Launch Night Posters - Both Print and Digital versions
  • Cover Photo - For launch night
  • Website layouts - Content for website
  • Website Heading Illustrations - Heading for each page in 'Wide-Eyed' style

Although this is quite a lot of merchandise to produce, I think that it will be a good experience, as they will help the client and it is a live brief therefore I will be receiving feedback from an actual client. Also the first part of this brief lead me to receive another live brief from a new client. This may also lead to working with more clients as the launch night posters will be going through a club in Verbier. This is something that I am excited to do and see the results from, which will hopefully lead to more work and loyalty from the client.

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