Friday, 17 January 2014

Progress Crit - The Pink Teapot

The Session;
I was previously doing the body shop brief for these sessions but as the deadline for this brief is closer I decided that I would rather have a crit on this work for The Pink Teapot, also I don't have enough design work to be critted on The Body Shop brief, and I think that this would be more helpful for me. 

Design Boards.

Questions asked to answer.
How well does the work presented communicate the concept/product/context?
Does the solution answer the brief?
Are the methods of distribution appropriate?
Is the concept clear and appropriate?
Have decisions been made from an informed point of view?
Is there a clear audience and is the solution appropriate to 'them'?

Yes the solution answers the brief so far. The methods of distribution are appropriate for the cafe. The decisions have clearly been made from an informed point of view, a lot of knowledge of the cafe shown. Could do cake boxes with the same top as vouchers.

What I have taken.
It would be a good idea to do the cake boxes the same as the vouchers, although the client is wanting the cake boxes to be low cost due to the high demand of take out cakes, and the low cost of the cakes themselves. The boards that I have produced, I am not happy with and I will definitely need to spend more time with the final boards. Other than that I just need to continue to produce more of what the client has asked for.

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