Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Print and Web Progress Critique

The Crit;
During this crit we all had ten minutes each to show our ideas and development so far on each of our briefs. Whilst we are talking about our work the person to our left is writing down note and feedback from the group so that the crit would be more thorough and quick.

  • Blue is preferred for letterhead as the stock.
  • Curved business cards in blue.
  • Group like the mixed stock for the business cards.
  • Good experimentation of stock and packaging.
  • Maybe re-think the store/have it as a specially branded range that is made available withing a store like paperchase.
  • Consider changing idea from a shop to a section in a shop.
  • Consider stocks.
  • Consider audience. 
What I have taken.
I have chosen the business card that I want to use, I originally thought about using the same stock on the front and back and a colour in the middle, but I have found from my group prefer the two different stocks. They said that having two different coloured stocks and textured stocks means that when you are looking at the front you want to turn it round to see the back as it feels different.
I need to consider weather I am going to have a shop or a range in a shop.
This crit has been very useful as it has brought a lot of things to light, I now know what I need to do and consider, this is good so I can move forward with my work.

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