Monday, 14 January 2013

Roses Product and Packaging Crit

The Crit;
In this crit we were in the same groups as the original crit, which meant that everyone knew what each other were doing, which meant that we didn't have to explain our research all over again, just our ideas and what has come from our research.

I took a lot from this crit, although I had many ideas, just listening to what the other people in my group are doing and listening to what they have to say about my ideas, made me think more about how I am going to achieve. When telling other people about my ideas, it allowed me to think of more, and adapt them so that it would work better therefore this crit really helped me to develop my ideas, and see that it will work well.

The people in my crit offered lots of ideas for my project. I had issues and problems when thinking of how I am going to create my wrappers for the chocolates, as I was unsure whether I should print on them or not, and if I did whether I should us digitally print them or screen print them. The crit allowed us to think about someone else's project and offere them suggestions on how to improve, and think further than just what we are doing which helped to think broader about our own ideas.

Three things to work on;
  • Look at different box nets, to find something original and suitable.
  • Look at using stickers on the wrapper rather than printing onto them.
  • Look at having smaller and different boxes for different occasions.

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