Friday, 18 January 2013

Product and Packaging Crit

The Crit;

Going into the crit, we were not allowed to explain what we had done, or why we had some it. It was showing how it would be in the industry, they would just look through your work and portfolio and judge it for themselves.

What I took from this crit;
  • I am limiting my design by having white stock for a lot of my designs.
  • The productivity is good, and aiming high with what I planned to do.
  • When they first thought about my project and what I was proposing they thought that it would be more creative and playful.
  • I should include more information graphics, maybe on the the back of my chocolate key.
  • Could have included more statistics, suggestions on what is the most popular chocolate are, or what is left over at the end.
From this feedback, I will be changing and developing my product and packaging further, as I thought that I should have done something on the back of the chocolate key, and the tutors also thought that I should, therefore I will. Although we couldn't speak in this crit, it was quite helpful, as it allows you to see what people think of your work without explaining it first.

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