Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Workshop with Professionals - dba

The Workshop.
During the workshop day we were a man down as Danielle was at a function in Manchester. We went into the workshop with many different idea for our concept and a few different logo ideas to go with them. We had all come up with similar ideas after our first meeting. Bring them all together and getting ready to present them to dba was hard as we had one idea that we all liked and thought was strong, and some others that were less strong, although they all supported the same idea about Capital North as a brand. I didn't like the idea that I had brought to the table as I preferred Sarah G's idea of the fact that the North isn't quite there yet but its all about making good things better. And Sarah H's tag line of Less is More. Less is North. This is why my idea of the rocket and launching didn't really seem appropriate. Although I did think that the idea of a compass and finding the North was good, and fitted in with the theme that we originally decided to go in.

We spent most of the morning talking between our group, refining our ideas and deciding what we were going to present. We decided to go with our strongest idea, and some of the other smaller ideas that could go along beside that.

After speaking to the men from dba they told us that our ideas were really good and our concept is strong, but they would be coming back in a few hours, and they would like to see some visuals, so that we can show how it will look as a brand, rather than just the ideas. Later on each group would have a member of dba come and join us, we had Ian, who was the most positive about our work in the original meeting. For this we came up with lots of visuals to help demonstrate the king of illustrations we could be using, and images showing what kind of brand it is going to be. We had all come up with logo ideas previously, and decided we would show Ian them, so that he could see our visual ideas, and show that we are not purely concept driven, we are design based with a drive to create creative concepts.

This is a diagram of how Ian explained the brand to us and what it should cover. Showing that we can beat the competition, showing our best qualities, available to our audience and showing that it is future proof. This is something that Ian suggested we had thought of when we were thinking out our brand. He suggested that we had worked really hard on the concept but need to focus now on the design. This is something that we aimed for, as we all know that we can design, we just thought that we should spend more time on the concept, as a strong concept will make the design easier.

After the workshop we will be focusing mainly on the design and distributing jobs to each person in the group so that we can make the most of the amount of people we have and the time that we have to do it. The workshop was very useful, we came out with a solid ideas, as before we had entered with lots of ideas that we weren't sure about. It was really great to see that the men from dba all liked the ideas that we had and we very positive about it, especially Ian.

After the workshop.
After the workshop we received an email from Ian, just stating the feedback he was giving us, and some advice on what we should do. We are very grateful for this feedback and will take it on board.

Guys, as you know I had a very early start yesterday so may have been a bit fuzzy yesterday, after a good nights sleep I just wanted to clarify a couple of points:

1. I didn’t want you to think you needed to rework the compass logo idea – it looked really strong and distinctive. The capital ’N’ is a perfect metaphor for “Capital North” and the simplicity of it as a marque would work well as a sign-off  to a big headline for example. Plus on it’s own it would be recognisable enough to work across many applications from apps to posters.

2. The use of your up arrow/crown device (which made it look like a compass) could maybe explored further -  to bring some dynamism into other applications. I’m thinking big and small, from use in headlines like 'MORE TH>N Insurance' to use as a pattern for ties on train uniforms, material for seating, even in a logo animation. These are just ideas to make sure you’re making best use of your brand toolbox (graphic elements), make your own decisions to how important, type, colour, image, devices are used and where and when.

You’ve got a great spirited central concept: The North is full of potential/opportunity (outake: we’re ready for you).

You’ve got some lovely messaging ideas, now let’s see it all pulled together consistently with some great design craft.

Good luck.


This is something that we will bare in mind, and are very thankful that he took time out to help us and give us even more feedback than he already had.

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