Monday, 23 February 2015

Black Box Creative.

Black Box Creative.
Black box is a design studio working in a small group, as there are only two of them. They invited me down so that I can see the way that they work, what they have been doing and introduce myself to them. This was a really great day, they asked me to pop down for a visit and I expected to be there for about half and hour, although I stuck around for about 3 hours. We got along really well and had a lot to talk about.

The work that they have produced it so good, it really inspired me. The work that I found most interesting was the moving image, motion and animation. They had shown me a lot about the work that they have produced in this part of the studio. This is something that makes them different in a design studio, the fact that they produce a lot of motion graphics. After Effect is a software that I had always wanted to learn, and had done small thing for it the week before going to black box. After being here I have realised that this is something that I want to push further. I think that it is so effective in the way that it works. Adam who is one of the partners in Black Box gave me their tutorial site to look on so that I can get better and progress my skills. He gave me a lot of tips and advise in this area as he is also a tutor for After Effects at Leeds Met.

Doing this is definitely something that I am going to move forward with. Especially as most studios that I have been to have suggested that knowing software such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop is good, but its quite basic for the designer, and that it is good to have another software under your sleeve. Doing this will put me above the rest and make me stand out a little bit more. I will definitely keep in contact with Black Box Creative, as they were lovely people, very welcoming, and their studio is amazing, and I think that it will soon be developing and getting bigger.

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