Friday, 25 October 2013

Who are you now?

The Session;
Things to think about;
Who are you now?
What were your highlights this past year?
What made it memorable?
What do you feel you gained from that experience?
The smallest things we experience are important in many ways.
Make note of things you find interesting, then share them.

We build up a data base, because we are visually based animals, we create an onboard database of information and experiences that gives us a methodology of research. Work you have seen, studios you appretiate and have either contacted or are now considering contacting, all are part of your PPP journey.

Networking, meeting people and staying in though with them. Now is the time we start to plan what we can do to get ourselves known out there in the industry. Next session we will start getting out 'ducks in a row'.

PPP Fundamentals;
1. The exploration of assumptions concerning personal learning, investigative strategies
and the management of self learning through tasks and research.

2. Using effective strategies to facilitate personal and professional development though
critical enquiry and problem solving.

3. The demonstration of evaluation of professional development, through presentation
and documentary evidence.

4. The evaluation of personal developmental needs based on and through the critical
reflection of personal growth through reflection of personal work.

Task 1;
1. Reflecting on your Summer what is your most memorable event and why?! 
This summer I did quite a lot, form going on holiday, experiencing life, doing designs for myself e.t.c, although whats sticks in my mind the most over summer is working in my cafe. I worked most days of the summer as I needed to earn money, although its not the most amazing thing I have done this summer or ever, its what sticks in my mind the most, as I always found myself working.

2. Have you made any contacts over the Summer that you feel could be helpful over the coming year or so and what outcomes did you feel you achieved?! 
Through this summer I have found a connection through a friend about a packaging company I really like, although I haven't been in contact with them, I know that if I need to I can ring my friend. A lot of what I have done over the summer was just for myself rather than networking, it is something I will work on.

3. How did you meet/contact these contacts (methods used or how it happened)! 
No I didn't contact the company as I didn't have any free time to do a placement if they wanted me to, therefore I didn't ring them at the time. Thinking about it now I should have rung them, even if it was just to tell them who I was and what I was interested in.

4. If you didn’t make any contacts, why? too busy working? holiday? commitments?!
I didn't make any contacts because I found myself working for money in the summer, as I didn't have any, I did also go on holiday, but everyone needs a break.

5. What methods of contacting creatives can you think of and what would you ask?
I have learnt that I shouldn't just email someone as they can easily just delete it, I thought about maybe sending a letter, or a piece of design with a letter on the back, something I made obviously, this may attract their attention more.

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